Dawn Geula, LMT, MD


1. I’m relaxed yet organized, compassionate, respectful of boundaries, and I want to help women reconnect with their hearts, their quiet space to breathe, their inspiration and their sense of purpose and connection. All while exploring some amazing places and introducing you to new people, ideas, and activities, if you’re so inclined.

2. My openness to adventure, possibility and life. My down-to-earth, often goofy sense of humor.

3. I’ve traveled internationally in Asia and Europe for weeks at a time, by myself, including backpacking the West Highland Way and mountain biking the Great Glen Way solo in Scotland. I’m also experienced in organizing and leading groups of up to 12 people for multi-day outings and around 10-20 for day outings, events, and classes.

4. I’m very familiar with roads and driving and other nuts and bolts in Ireland, well-known attractions and those special places off the beaten path (some that even many Irish people have never seen).

5. I like to have a good time, I appreciate good, real food and real conversation.

6. One of my passions in life is supporting and nurturing women and their empowerment and providing fertile ground for women to support each other—as it should be. I am in no way against the male gender—there needs to be a balance of both the masculine and feminine in our world. But that dynamic has become unbalanced and it’s been that way for far too long, to the detriment of women and men, to our global society, and the big green and blue ball we live on. Coming together as strong women who support each other, who have each other’s backs, is part of the tide of change that I believe needs to happen to turn things back around and bring the situation towards balance. We need a big dose of the mighty, powerful, creative and receptive Feminina. But no worries, we won’t be burning our bras during our Irish escape, unless that sort of thing just happens naturally and collectively 😉

7. Ireland is my element and my heart’s home.

8. My dedication to you. My hope and goal is that we inspire each other and are open to the inspiration around us in Ireland, and continue to be, wherever we are in the world.


A little more background

I’m a licensed massage therapist and entrepreneur, love my work and own my own studio, Maire: Massage for Life. I’m passionate about helping others find breathing space and to feel good in their own skin–body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

I love learning about the body and mind, the human condition, old things, nature, and too much to list here that catches my interest. I also teach massage and self care; make herby stuff (I’m a bit of a “kitchen witch”, started at a young age); forage for wild plants; read read read; hike hike hike; listen to lots of different type of music that moves me (literally and figuratively–my kids have varying levels of tolerance for my tendency to dance in the living room, kitchen and occasionally in public; playing the piano and violin (okay, not the latter so much anymore, I’m working on that) and travel. As for this last one, I’ve a bit of a gypsy/wanderlust/nomadic soul. I could travel full time and be right as rain. There is so much out there to discover and see, I’ll need many lifetimes to start to see it all. I also love organizing and arranging trips for family and friends when they ask, a little piece of me traveling with them.

I started out as an MD but quickly figured out that was not the road my story was supposed to take. So here I am, and I’m so very glad I took the road less traveled. I’m really looking forward to meeting and learning from you–hearing about your own unique story


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