Brittainy Simpson, LMT

I have been a licensed massage practitioner in Washington state for 10 years and am also a certified Bars practitioner. I specialize in medical massage, myofascial release technique, as well as therapeutic massage. I still love what I do and am amazed by the human body and what it can accomplish. I have been doing consciousness energy work for three years now and I’m loving the changes people are making in their own consciousness and awareness. One of my main life purposes at this point is to empower people. I love to watch them thrive and grow into themselves and access their true power.

I am in love with reading. A good book goes a long way, especially sci-fi/ fantasy I’m a total geek. I love reading about lore, myth and different cultural deities. I love to get out for hikes and walks in nature. I love music, music is my heart. All kinds… well except for country, ha-ha.  I enjoy doing art, archery, getting messy and trying new things. Oh and I’m a total foodie. I love food of all kinds and I love to cook.

Why me?

Because I absolutely freaking love adventure. I can’t wait to assist you in expeditiously taking on The Emerald Isle. This will be my first trip out of the country (aside from Canada) and my enthusiasm knows no bounds. I’m beyond ecstatic that we are going to Ireland where its still so rich with myth, lore and magic. Like a true nerd I can’t wait to dive in to the culture and I’m told that my enthusiasm for fun and adventure can be infectious, yet not obnoxious.  

I am a reflective listener, extremely tolerant, laid back, yet feisty and dependable. You be you, and I will be there to hold space for you. Whether it be to belly laugh till you burst, cry, or be silent.

I am approachable and friendly. I like making new friends and meeting new people. I take things with a grain of salt and I love to learn. You will find in me an intuitive individual who lives for the adventure and someone who will always give everyone a chance or three.    

Laurie Lind, RYT

I am dedicated to the purpose of inspiring other women to awaken to their true nature and become everything they desire to be, through mindfulness practices that Include meditation, breathwork (pranayama), and asana (yoga) for EVERY-BODY, along with the ancient practices of Ayurveda (science of life) which views each person as an individual.

I am a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and completed my training with Samarya Yoga.

Currently I am a student at Kerala School of Ayurveda in Seattle and am very excited about bringing this vast body of knowledge and approach to life into my work in helping others live their lives fully.

When I’m teaching class, I frequently mix up my right from my left. I’ll often crack jokes about this and other things to lighten the mood and help people persevere through class…though I’m not sure if they find them funny or they’re laughing at how bad my jokes are LOL. Guess it doesn’t matter because they keep coming back! My friends said I had to promise to write this when I asked what they’d say about me (they knew I wouldn’t say it on my own): I’m hard not to like and my zest for life, new experiences and meeting people is infectious–and I’m just fun! Even if I think I may sometimes annoy my close friends and family with the subjects of Yoga and Ayurveda and nutrition on heavy rotation. At least it’s constantly updated with fresh material and discoveries! I usually am either reading about, talking about, listening to a podcast on, or practicing one of these things

When Dawn asked me to send a photo for the website, I joked that I would send her a photo but that they were all at least 10 years old and do not show the wrinkles and gray hair I have now–and were most likely photoshopped anyway. I want the real, up-to-date, earned-it Me pictured here. She said she couldn’t tell the difference between now and a photo that’s 10 years old. Ah, we are always our own worst critics as women. Enough of that. And I am really coming to embrace ALL that progressing in life brings.