1. You need a break. From being a carer. From a relationship that may have gone past its expiration date. From stress, burn-out, the epidemic of busyness.

2. It’s Ireland. For me, being in Ireland is like coming home, and I am not alone in that sense of feeling that I’m just where I need to be. The feelings are difficult to put into words, for some of it may be some sort of “genetic memory” and for others it’s the energy, the stunning landscape and living close to it, the welcoming people, the connection and sense of community here, the air of mystery and wisdom, of history that goes back 1000s of years, of familiarity and the sense of reverence that permeates. Ireland’s unique combination of all of this makes it a very special place you just have to experience for yourself firsthand.

3. You want to relax and leave all the details and organizing to someone else for a change.

4. Time to yourself. We’ll have time to relax and to explore incredible and very old sites including megalithic portal tombs and dolmens, whose true purpose/s remain a mystery. Though some are thought to have been burial tombs, perhaps calendrical, ceremonial and sacred sites, as the remains of humans and artifacts have been found in some of these and some appear to be aligned with solar, planetary and other stellar cycles. We’ll have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Irish culture and revel in some much-needed downtime.

5. Meet cool people in Ireland and in our gang of adventurous women OR just keep to yourself and chill OR some combo of the above.

6. Travel and experience a country you may have never been to under the organization and experience of someone who has traveled to Ireland half a dozen times and three times on her own.