Really good, real food.

Three meals a day including the first evening and last morning. We will have real food, as much of it locally sourced as possible, because it makes sense and eating things that come from where you are just tastes better. There will be caffeine available in the form of tea, coffee and chocolate. If you have your favorites that you know make you happy, then bring them.

If you’re an herbivore, you’re welcome here, if you’re a meat-eater, you’re welcome too. We’ll have yummy things for both. If anyone has a peanut allergy, we’ll make sure nothing we serve contains peanuts. But seriously, if you have a life threatening peanut or other allergy, please let us know and please travel with an epi-pen. 

If you’re gluten or dairy free that’s okay. No one will be singled out for their dietary preferences and we expect our fellow retreaters to extend the same respect to each other. There is no right or wrong way of eating and this isn’t the time or place to convert each other to a preferred method, unsolicited. Of course there is nothing wrong with and we encourage discussion, exploration and sharing knowledge of and experience with food and ways of eating, let’s just please do this non-judgementally. And that non-judgemental part applies to everything. After you register, we’ll be sending you some forms which will have a section where you can indicate if you are gluten or dairy free or vegan and if you have a life threatening allergy to any food.

We’ll have a big kitchen, so if you want to buy something at the market and cook, have at it. Be cool and clean up after yourself, you’ll probably get help. For supplied meals we’ll take care of clean up so you can relax but if you want to help, très bien.