8 days/7 nights in Ireland

An authentic, adventurous escape for wild women

October 5-12, 2019

Counties Mayo and Sligo, Ireland

Limited to 10 participants.

You are a grown woman, not a girl, and you know what you like and need.

I’ve been on retreats where the food sucked or there wasn’t enough or both. Retreats where there was no personal downtime factored in, retreats where group pressure was used to induce conformity, where an atmosphere of groupthink and a lack of boundaries was alive and well.

Well. None of that here. We are anti all of that.

I’ll say it again, because it is so worth repeating.

You are a grown. ass. woman. And a magnificent one.

Nobody knows what you need or who you are better than you.

No one knows you better than you.

Why this escape to Ireland?
Why with me and W.E.?










This incredible experience—including airport transfers*, accommodation, planning, organizing, meals during the retreat, listed activities, bodywork sessions as described in the details section, and support from your retreat leader—is $2250 per person. Register by July 15th, 2019 and you’ll get a $300 Early Bird discount. 

A Note…

This is not:

 An over-scheduled retreat with mandatory sessions and peer pressure to undergo a big metamorphosis, cathart or conform. You are a grown woman who knows her own mind and, despite what she may sometimes feel and what loud messages she may often receive, knows what is best for her own good.

This is not:

A yoga retreat. There is no scheduled group yoga planned. But if yoga rocks your world, ain’t nobody gonna stop ya if you want to rock that yoga all week long.

This trip is not for you if:

 1. You hate people and you hate having a good time.

 2. You’re mean/a bully and proud of it (see #1).

 3. No haters. You don’t have to pal around with everyone or lavish praise, but no haters. See #1 &2

As Ruarí McKiernan, a “social campaigner, Fulbright scholar and member of the Council of State” of Ireland writes on his website,

”Most of us could do with some form of retreat every few months or so, even if it’s just for a day or a weekend. It’s like soul food, precious time to step back from doing and catch up with yourself. Finding a way to do this can be difficult, but making the decision to proceed is a great gift you can give to yourself, and consequently those around you. Going on retreat generally requires cash, but the biggest demand is courage, the courage to step back from the constant doing so you can step forward again with a spring in your step.”

And regarding the epidemic of busyness:

“Thomas Merton referred to this as a kind of modern violence on the soul. ‘To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to violence.’”

*If you choose to ride with the group at our 12 pm departure from Dublin International Airport Saturday, October 5th, 2019 and return with the group on departure from our retreat venue on Saturday, October 12th at 10 a.m. for Dublin Airport. If you elect to leave from Dublin Airport the same day, it is recommended you book a flight that leaves no earlier than 6 pm local Ireland time.