Step off the treadmill of epidemic busyness.

8 days/7 nights in Ireland

March 16-23, 2019

Counties Mayo and Sligo, Ireland

An Adventurous and Restorative Retreat for Wild Women


Find your center and grounding, your personal truth, amid Ireland’s stunning, powerful landscapes and monuments, her palpable magic, her mystery, ancient history, and timelessness. Come away feeling elated. 
Give yourself time, freedom, movement and space to rest, reflect and renew.
Just meet yourself, wherever you’re at.
Real downtime, real adventure, real freedom. 


A restorative escape where we’ll:

  • Eat delicious, real, local food

  • Spend time with other strong, diverse women in an atmosphere of support, not competition


  • Discover new strengths and share stories, experience, and talents


  • Invigorate our bodies and minds with walks and hikes through stunning landscapes


  • Celebrate in the village pub, listening to live, traditional music


  • Get great bodywork/massage


  • Drop in and tune out with a facilitated and guided meditation and breathing session


  • Create art (we are all creative, everyone has an inherent artist within)


  • Laugh, sing, dance


  • Be enchanted by an Irish storyteller


  • Receive a personalized Ayurvedic dosha consultation


  • Observe the spring equinox alignment at an ancient neolithic monument.


  • Visit Carrowkeel, a still wild and relatively untouched huge megalithic passage tomb site nearby in County Sligo and Loughcrew, a series of Neolithic chambered cairns spread across three hills, known collectively as Sliabh na Calliagh, the “Mountain of the Witch.”

  • Do what you feel like when you feel like it…participate in all activities and adventures, some, or none at all. It’s your choice and your time.


  • Limited to 10 participants

“We are the mirror as well as the face in it,
We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity,
We are pain and what cures pain, both.
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours.”